ADHD Pathfinders Series 3 Course Bundle

My ADHD Pathfinders Series is a growing library of Success Modules (courses) that focus on specific topics that parents who are homeschooling kids with ADHD face every day. My experiences as a researcher and homeschool mom, combined with daily interaction with thousands of parents in my ADHD Homeschooling Support group, give me a unique perspective from which to address the challenges of families who are homeschooling kids with ADHD.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of how your child's brain works and how you can better support them in learning and in life. Plus, you'll have access to practical tools you can implement into your homeschool day to hopefully make life a little easier!

As a parent who is homeschooling a child with ADHD, you already recognize that a one-size-fits-all educational approach is not going to work well for them. But, that doesn't mean that you magically have all the answers and know how to provide them with everything they need. I know that you want to learn everything you can to help your child reach their full potential.

My ADHD Pathfinders Series is here to help you gain valuable background knowledge about both homeschooling and ADHD, add tools to your parenting and teaching toolboxes, and help you forge a path for your child where their exceptional strengths can be celebrated. And you will gain the confidence you need to know that you are fully capable of guiding your child's education.

Our ADHD Pathfinders Series 3 course bundle includes:

Fostering Independent Learners (brand new course!)

Fostering Independent Learners will help you move your child toward independent learning in a way that is realistic for their individual journey. We'll look at creating opportunities for success by identifying and developing their personal strengths. Finally, we'll discuss how you can implement independence into your daily routines.

A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective will help you take a good look at your perspective toward homeschooling your child with ADHD. We'll look at how you view support for your child and yourself, your homeschooling approach, opportunities for your child's success, and your child's behavior. 

Regulating BIG Emotions

Emotional regulation is often very difficult for kids with ADHD. Any emotion, positive or negative, can be displayed in BIG ways, and these outbursts can often lead to uncomfortable situations for the child and the other people around them.

In Regulating BIG Emotions, you'll learn how to help your child manage those big emotions and discover some practical tools that you can start implementing right away. We’ll also discuss the unique challenges that come with homeschooling a child who has trouble regulating their emotions and how to minimize the impact that might have on your homeschool and family life.

You can get all three courses for only $57 USD ($72 value)! 

Summer is a great time to learn more about how to successfully homeschool your child who has ADHD, so why not invest in these courses and really dig in deep for the next few weeks? You'll be ready just in time to implement your new strategies when the new school year kicks off in the fall!

Take advantage of this limited-time offer now! It won't last long!

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