ADHD Homeschooling Starter Course

Hi! My name is Dr. Melissa Felkins, and my heart is to encourage and support homeschool families who have kids with ADHD.

I am an educational psychologist, former public school teacher/counselor, and homeschool mom of 10 years to kids with ADHD and other learning challenges. I’ve done extensive research on the experiences of homeschool students with ADHD, including my dissertation study, which was published in 2018.

Through my research and interaction with both students and parents, I have identified some key factors that can help families get set up for successful homeschooling with ADHD. I've put all of those elements together for you in my 5-day mini-course: ADHD Homeschooling Starter Course.

We'll cover...

-Realistic Expectations

-Learning Environments

-Curriculum Evaluations

-Structured Flexibility

-Family Matters

My FREE ADHD Homeschooling Starter Course contains video lessons, printable worksheets, and tools that will make your life easier and your homeschool more productive!

You'll also get my FREE Homeschooling with ADHD Curriculum Guide!

Whether you have been homeschooling for many years or are just starting out, this course is for you! Don't spend another day being frustrated and overwhelmed. Let's work together for five days to identify your child's individual needs and put a plan in place that works for your family!

P.S. This course is FREE! But, if you appreciate my helpful ADHD homeschooling resources and want to help me keep offering more, there are a few payment options available, too. Thanks for your support!

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